About Us


KITCO is a Public Sector Technical Consultancy Organization established in 1972 by the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) , National and State level Financial Institutions and Government of Kerala. KITCO has been rendering services to the Government as well as various public and private sector institutions on diverse technological, engineering, human resource development and managerial aspects for more than three decades. KITCO offers consultancy services from concept to commissioning.

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KITCO Placement Park

KITCO Placement Park is an HRD initiative of KITCO, which offers placement services to job seekers. Candidates from all categories with or without formal qualification can register with KITCO Placement Park.

The importance of having top quality people in organizations is well established. We can have systems and processes, knowledge banks and data warehousing, but if we do not have the right person with right skill set to avail of that knowledge, it will be difficult to propel the business forward.

‘KITCO Placement Park’, takes up the challenge to identify the right person for the right job.

For Job Providers

  • We assist you in identifying the right person for the right job
  • We do the preliminary screening and line up candidates for final selection
  • We co-ordinate all elements leading towards that final selection
For Job Seekers
  • We help you to find the right employer for your specific job requirement
Course Certification
KITCO - ASSOCHAM Consortium certifies Job Oriented courses in the following sectors